The Common Cents Fund (CCF) was founded to invigorate the world of fundraising. We felt there was a lack of transparency and choice in the world fundraising and decided it was time for change. Traditional methods are frustrating to donors and costly for charities.

We believe hassling people in the street or calling them at home whilst charging huge commissions for the privilege is not the most effective way to raise money. We also believe fundraisers should disclose the fact that they are for-profit companies and not hide it away in the small print. Many people are currently unaware that they are donating through professional for-profit fundraising companies who can charge large commissions to the charity.

The CCF is happy to disclose upfront that our service fee is 7.5%. This fee includes a 2.5% fee to our payment gateway operator Braintree. This means  our ‘take home’ fee is 5%. Once GST and tax considerations are factored in, the charity receives near to 100% of the donated amount. Not only is our system completely transparent, it is one of the most cost efficient means of raising funds for charities in the market.

The CCF aims to provide a valuable service to both charities and the donors. We believe donors are a crucial partner in the process and deserve to enjoy more evidence and engagement from their donations. The CCF is proud to help those in need and contributes a portion of our own revenue back into good causes. All of our contributions will be made public to encourage others to do the same. We can’t reasonably ask others to donate when we are not doing the same ourselves.

We wanted to bring choice and transparency into the charity sector so we set about creating a stress free donation system that sees as much money getting through to those who need it most.



The CCF consults with charities to find items critical to assisting their cause. We then list these items on our site so donors can in effect purchase these items for the charity. Donors can choose the amount of money and what type of item they would like to contribute towards from the listed projects. The CCF guarantees that the donor’s money will purchase an item the charity requires – this way the donor knows exactly where their money is going. If the listed item does not reach the target amount, another item to the value of the funds actually raised will be purchased. The CCF guarantees this direct purchase method of fundraising by paying the invoice on behalf of the charity. The CCF does not pass any cash on to the charity. We believe we are the first fundraising company anywhere to use such a method. Once the donation has been made the donor now has evidence of their generosity and can share with their social networks.  All the charities with items listed have authorised the CCF to raise funds on their behalf. Donations over $2 are tax deductible.

Traditionally philanthropists were high net worth individuals who had influence on how their money was used. They were able to see first hand the benefits of their generosity. We now make that same evidence based philanthropy available to anyone with $5 and a smartphone!



The Common Cents Fund was founded by Tom McCardell.

IMG_0312Tom previously worked for over a decade in the finance industry underwriting construction risks on infrastructure projects. As a regular donor to charity Tom took an interest in the sector and how it functioned. Frustrated by the general lack of transparency and traditional fundraising mindsets, Tom sensed an opportunity and demand for a transparent way of donating to good causes and decided to do something about it.

The result is the Common Cents Fund.