How does the CCF work?

Simple. We list items that charities need to operate or to assist their cause. Donors can then contribute towards part, or all of the amount. Once the target is reached we then pay the invoice directly on behalf of the charity. This way we guarantee that your money goes towards the purchase of an item for the charity.  Our transparency means your donation is traceable and accountable every step of the way.

Is my donation tax deductible?

Yes. All the causes listed have tax deductible status.

What if the target amount isn’t reached?

Replacement. If the target amount isn’t reached, the CCF liaises with the charity and purchases another item that the charity needs. All monies donated will be put to use.

Is any cash ever passed on to the charity?

No. The CCF only pays invoices on behalf of the charity from our community trust account. We do not pass on any cash. All funds raised are visible and accountable to both the donor and the charity at all times. By using the direct purchase method we guarantee your money has gone on an item or service required by the charity. We believe we are the only fundraiser using this technique.

Why does the CCF operate this way?

Transparency. We we want people to see where their money goes and even better to choose where it goes! We don’t think calling someone at home or harassing them in the street really is the best way to raise money. We also don’t believe charging charities up to 50% of the funds raised and hiding this fact from the public is good for business either. Everything we do is out in the open. We want to encourage engagement and lasting partnerships. More importantly we want as much money getting through to those that need it most.

Is the CCF a charity?

No. We are a professional fundraising organisation that assists both charities and donors gain the most from their donations.  Our fees are extremely low and we contribute a portion of our revenue back into funding projects. We aim to be an open and transparent social enterprise that channels as much money as possible to those that need it most.

How much does the CCF charge?

Very little. We charge 5% of the donated amount. Our payment partner Braintree takes around 2.5% for a total charge of 7.5%.  Once GST and tax implications have been factored in the charity receives almost 100% of the donated amount.  Most Australian jurisdictions allow fundraisers to charge up to 50% of the funds raised as their fee. We encourage you as a donor to research your current donation arrangements.

How does a charity benefit by using the CCF?

Enormously. By not paying huge fundraising fees. By maximising the benefits to their cause. By receiving items critical to their operation. By engaging more with donors and establishing relationships. By having to spend less money on IT systems and online donation channels.  By demonstrating transparency to stakeholders. By increasing exposure to their cause through our network and donors’ social media channels. By having to do less fundraising themselves. By being able to spend more time doing what they do best – helping their cause!

How does a donor benefit by using the CCF?

Immensely. By being able to choose where their money goes. By seeing direct evidence of their donation and how it helps. By engaging with the charity. By maximising the impact of their investment. By being able to leverage their philanthropy socially, philosophically and commercially. By being able to make strategic donations specific to their needs. By not being harassed or taken on a guilt trip. By being able to directly help a cause with two clicks of a button. By feeling good!