Empower Golf PGA Club Fitting Bag

This specialised PGA Bag allows an individual to be custom fit with with golf clubs and is vital to the Empower Golf coaching clinics

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Imagine trying to ride a bike that was too small for you!! This is a perfect opportunity to help purchase a training bag for Empower Golf. Empower Golf runs golf clinics and provides much needed coaching and emotional wellbeing for disabled golfers across the country. These specifically designed bags help to ensure individuals are custom fit with the right clubs to maximise their enjoyment and success. You can help purchase one of these great bags by contributing here. As with most products available to donate through the CCF there are branding opportunities available on the bags, whether as an individual or a corporate basis. We encourage all donors to share the news of their generosity through their social networks once they have donated. Simply click to share when you checkout and your donation will be posted to your wall. Donations over $2 are tax deductible.