Empower Golf ParaGolfer Trailer

Teed Up Golf Tours are generously supporting the purchase of this trailer for Empower Golf. You can join them here.
November 1, 2016

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This is your opportunity to support Teed Up Golf Tours purchase a ParaGolfer trailer for Empower Golf. James Gribble and the team at Empower Golf run golf clinics that provide much needed coaching and emotional wellbeing for disabled golfers across the country. These trailers are specially designed to transport the amazing ParaGolfer to various golf courses around the country. This means greater access and opportunity for disabled golfers to experience the benefits of Empower Golf clinics and to use the ParaGolfer out on the course.

Teed Up Golf


These trailers also allow the ParaGolfers to be transported to fundraising days - this helps Empower Golf spread the word and become more self sufficient. Teed Up Golf Tours will make a donation for every International Tour booking they receive until the trailer is fully funded. We encourage you to join with them and share the news of your generosity through your social networks via the link buttons once you have donated. As with all Common Cents Fund projects, the raised funds go directly to the purchase of this equipment and all donations over $2 are tax deductible.

Here is more on Empower Golf, its founder James Gribble, and the amazing ParaGolfer as featured on the Fox Sports Golf Show.

Thank you for your support.