Empower Golf ParaGolfer Training

This project will fund a 2 hour lesson for a disabled golfer on the fantastic ParaGolfer. Once complete the golfer will be game ready!

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You can help provide a 2 hour personalised training session on the ParaGolfer for a disabled golfer. The ParaGolfer is an all-terrain specialised mobility device which manoeuvres disabled individuals into the standing position and around the course to replicate the full golfing experience. Previously this was impossible.

ParaGolfer Kids

Once completed, this specialist training will allow the golfer to enjoy the freedom and independence of using the ParaGolfer around the course. As Empower Golf builds its fleet of ParaGolfers this training will be crucial in allowing more people to enjoy the great game of golf.

This video shows some of the fantastic work Empower Golf is doing for people's physical and mental wellbeing. We encourage you to assist in helping with disabled rehabilitation. Donations over $2 are tax deductible.