Empower Golf ParaGolfer

The ParaGolfer is an all terrain vehicle that assists disabled sportspeople to get out and play golf. It really is an incredible machine.
January 1, 2019

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When you think about it, golf is the only sport with a unique handicap system that allows players of all ages, genders and abilities to play and compete together. It is a perfect activity for those with disabilities. Empower Golf is a charity that assists disabled people enjoy the benefits of participating in golf and assists with rehabilitation and motivation for its clients.

One of the ways you can assist Empower Golf is to contribute towards the purchase of the revolutionary ParaGolfer. This hi-tech machine can bring a person from sitting to standing allowing them a full range of movement and control over a variety of surfaces and is specifically designed for golf. For many wheelchair-bound athletes, the ParaGolfer may allow them to stand up for the very first time. The combination of golf and being upright has significant physical, psychological and social health benefits.

You can contribute any amount over $2 as a tax deduction towards the purchase of this incredible machine. You can do this individually, as a group of friends, family, a company or even your local golf club and be guaranteed that your donation will go to the purchase of this ParaGolfer. Any donor who purchases a machine outright will have a valuable branding opportunity on the ParaGolfer itself. Video and photo feedback will be available to all donors to share with their networks.

If you have a love of golf and would like to help more people get out and about then please take the time to contribute towards the purchase of a ParaGolfer.

Here a couple of clips of the ParaGolfer in action with the inspirational founder of Empower Golf, James Gribble. Learn more about how this amazing machine helped James in his recovery and rehabilitation and how he is helping others do the same. Donations over $2 are tax deductible.