Urban Arts Base Studio Rent

Urban Arts Base assists young people with their mental health. You can help by donating towards the cost of their studio rent here.
January 1, 2018


UAB is a unique community arts and music based program that assists young people, aged 15 -30, in their recovery from mental health challenges. Anglicare auspices the program.

UAB offers a safe, non-judgmental, creative environment to encourage and empower participants to make their own creative and artistic decisions. This boosts confidence and self esteem. One of our UAB artists was also recently a winner of the Waverley Youth Art Prize.

Over the last 12 months UAB has supported over 200 young people and propose this year to increase this number by 25% due to the increased demand for our great service. The benefits that UAB provide include increased skill and knowledge through art lessons, social connections and reduced isolation for participants. These skills flow into other beneficial areas such as study and employment opportunities as well as mental health recovery

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By donating towards this project you will be helping pay the rental on our small art studio in Double Bay to Woollahra Council. This will greatly assist us by freeing up more funds for our art and rehabilitation programme, thereby helping more young people in need. All funds raised will go directly to the cause and donations over $2 are tax deductible. Please share with your social networks using the buttons above.

This short clip gives some more background on UAB and speaks to some of the young people whose lives have changed for the better through art.

Thank you for your support!


Project Updates

UAB participants share what UAB means to them.


"I've been coming to Urban Arts Base now since as far back as 2005. Since that time, my mental health has followed a series of highs and lows, and UAB has been the only constant service which has been there regardless of whether I was broke or homeless, where I could express my emotions through painting, music, drama, sculpture, writing, claymation and more.

   Throughout the years I have felt many times trapped with no outlets, but UAB has been centrally important in giving me a space to safely express myself when I have felt there are no others. It helped me find other services such as Creative Youth Initiatives and to create a portfolio which aided greatly in my successful application to UNSW's College of Fine Arts.

    It did not matter if I was working and studying, or an out patient in hospital. For me, services such as UAB are very hard to find and I am so glad I did come across it after dropping out of high school due to my mental illness. Often being in a place where I am not well enough for study or work, UAB is invaluable.

"Sarah" :

 "For me UAB is a safe environment to come and express myself. It's a great place to come when I'm unwell, but also when I'm well. It gives me something to look forward to, and helps add activities to get me out of the house. UAB has always been a supportive environment, providing a safe place to come and express feelings and ideas in a non-judgemental environment."

"UAB has provided a space that is not only safe and supportive, but also an encouraging environment to release a creative side of your personality – whether it be in art form with Art Teacher Penny or tuning into the guitar world with Dave. It’s nice to be in a unique group of people that are going through all sorts of life experiences, but are able to sit at a table together tuning into the creative side of life. It’s nice to have a space like UAB where you know you can come to either on a Thursday and Friday afternoon for a couple of hours for a bit of time out of the rush and stress of everyday life. It’s also a nice place to come to if you want to just chill out on the couches and relax with others."