Wangarang Wheelchair Accessible Bus

This wheelchair accessible bus will allow our disabled workers to attend employment, social functions and interact with the community.
January 1, 2019

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Wangarang Industries is a not-for-profit Australian Disability Enterprise (ADE), established to provide a range of job opportunities and vocational and life skills training for people with disabilities.

This is your opportunity to assist Wangarang become more self sufficient by contributing towards the purchase of this wheelchair accessible bus. By having their own dedicated bus, Wangarang will be able to save costs through not having to pay for taxis or hire third party buses for transport. This assists with Wangarang's balance sheet, whilst also opening up more employment opportunities and greater interaction with the Orange community.

Wangarang has been operating in the local community of Orange NSW for over fifty (50) years, having been established by a group of dedicated local residents in 1962.

Over the years Wangarang has diversified to offer a wide range of job opportunities to our supported employees, and a wide range of business services to the community in general.

In addition Wangarang run Life Choices and Active Ageing Programs

These programs aim to develop and maintain the participants’ ability to take part in community life and meaningful activities, enhance independence, provide opportunities for ongoing learning and development as well as developing and sustaining social interactions.

As with all Common Cents Fund projects, the funds raised will go directly towards the purchase of this vehicle. There are also branding and marketing opportunities for major donors. Please share this page with your social networks using the buttons provided and we encourage you to do the same once you have donated. All donations over $2 are tax deductible.

Thank you for your support!

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